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Lexus Repair in Burnt Hills, NY

Lexus is a luxury car from Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation. These fabulous vehicles require special care and service. Lexus repair shops hire only the best-qualified technicians to ensure your vehicle receives the best possible care. With proper maintenance, these high-end performing vehicles can give you a lifetime of driving a pleasure.

Learn How to Troubleshoot Your Lexus

The more you know about your vehicle, the more money and time you save when you visit a Lexus repair shop. Some systems of these quiet, powerful cars show signs of breakdown long before repairs are necessary.

Check for smoke coming from the vehicle tailpipe or engine.

  • Blue smoke is a sign of oil burning off. This signals worn pistons, rings, or a bad seal. It leads to combustion and compression loss.
  • White smoke shows that the radiator is leaking into the engine. This is a major issue, and it requires immediate repair. The engine could experience hydro-lock and completely fail.
  • When there is gray smoke, too much gas in comparison with air is getting into the engine. This could signify a problem regulator, a stuck injector, an MAF sensor malfunction, or a bad ignition coil. It is possible to use an ohmmeter to test certain parts, but most likely, you will need to consult a Lexus repair shop.

Listen for transmission or differential noises while shifting.

  • If there are noises, check your fluid level. Sometimes low fluid causes the moving parts in the transmission to stick.

Look for signs of fluid leaks.

  • Black spots on the pavement indicate an oil leak. If it is raining, you may see rainbow-colored liquid in the puddles, which also indicates an oil leak.
  • Reddish colors indicate a transmission fluid leak.
  • Green liquid indicates a coolant leak from the radiator, hoses, or reservoir generally.

At Gil's Garage in Burnt Hills, we take care of your Lexus the same way you would at home. We will inspect the vehicle for any of the problems mentioned above and more. If problems appear, you’ll be notified before repairs begin. Come to Gil's Garage for all your Lexus repair and maintenance needs.

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