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Oil Change in Burnt Hills, NY

Having regular oil changes is an important step in maintaining the service and performance of your vehicle. At Gil’s Garage, we don’t just offer oil change service, but we also strive to educate our customers on the different oil needs your vehicle might have during different seasons. Usually, the standard oil change service should be performed every 2 or 3,000 miles, but there are instances where the frequency has to be increased. Moreover, in some cases, it’s recommended to choose a different formula or weight for your oil change. At Gil’s Garage, we strongly believe that if you know more about the needs of your vehicle, you’ll be able to prevent expensive repairs and engine replacements. Keeping your vehicle on the road is a team effort between Gil’s Garage and you.

A more frequent oil change is required when the driving conditions are extreme. What describes an extreme condition is far simpler than you think. Any long trip or trip that involves a certain type of driving that is not common to you, like for instance, driving at high speeds or going to the mountains, has to be followed by an oil change service. Oil has many benefits for your vehicle, including lubricating and cooling the engine, cleaning out the debris from your engine’s parts that wear off when used. These small metal filings and bits of the gasket are part of a natural degrading process and get trapped in the oil in order to prevent a build-up in the engine. A regular oil change service will keep your engine clean.

Give us a call and schedule an appointment with Gil’s Garage for your next oil change service. We are located at 817 Saratoga Rd Burnt Hills, NY 12027. Visit our professional and convenient location and see what makes us stand out from the rest of the shops in the area.

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