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4 Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

Wheels are a little bit different than other parts in your car. While braking is unusual, it can get unaligned. Driving with wheels that are not properly aligned can result in damage to the car and a risk to your safety. Not only that, but it leads to repairs and replacements that can be avoided if spotted on time. In this blog, we will give you four signs, pointing directly at bad alignment.

Pulling To One Side

Are you experiencing any pulling or drifting to one side while driving? If the answer is yes, this is one of the most common signs of wheel misalignment. Be sure to visit a repair shop as soon as you notice.

Vibration Or Shaking

While minor vibrations are normal, you must pay attention if they become excessive. Vibration or shaking can be caused by misaligned wheels. This is especially true when driving at high speeds. While it may appear unrelated, this occurs as a result of your tires all pulling against one another - causing a difference in the direction of the forces.

Noise While Steering

When steering, nothing else should be heard except the road and wheels making contact - or a pebble here and there. If you notice a squeaking or other unusual noise coming from the front end, make sure to have your wheels checked; you might need to align them. Keep in mind that this can also happen due to the suspension, but both call for a shop visit.

Uneven Or Fast Tire Wear

Fast or uneven tire wear is a good indicator of vehicle problems. It should be evenly distributed on the inside and outside. You can quickly identify abnormal tire wear with your own eyes or with the assistance of a trained mechanic. Similar to car shaking, irregular tire wear can indicate a variety of issues, one of which is wheel misalignment.

Wheel Replacement And Alignment At Gil's Garage!

At Gil's Garage, we have a wide variety of wheel brands from which you can choose - from Bridgestone to higher-end Michelin models. You can schedule an appointment via a phone call or online from the "Appointments" tab!

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