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Monthly Archives: January 2024

What to Know About Car Maintenance After 90K Miles

What to Know About Car Maintenance After 90K Miles

Have you ever wondered why some cars seem to run smoothly for years while others falter after just a few thousand miles? The secret often lies in something as simple as regular maintenance, especially after hitting the 90,000-mile mark. Engine oil plays a crucial role, acting not just as a lubricant but as the lifeblood of your car's engine. Understanding the Role of Engine Oil Engine oil does more than just lubricate the engine's moving parts. It cools the engine by carrying heat away from the combustion cycle and helps prevent carbon build-up, which can hinder your engine's performance. Choosing the Right Oil Selecting the right engine oil is crucial. It varies based on the car model, age, and the type of driving you do. Whether it's synthetic, semi-synthetic, or conventional oil, each type has its advantages and specific use cases ... read more

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