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8 Car Problems That May Be Lowering Your Fuel Mileage

With gas prices on the rise nowadays, vehicle owners have become more frugal when it comes to paying for gas. Moreover, we want our cars to be more efficient than ever. If you want to save money on fuel, consider checking out your vehicle’s health. There are many vehicle problems that can be bringing your MPG down. Here are 10 examples below:

  1. Underinflated Tires - If your tires are not up to the recommended PSI creates drag, which makes your engine work harder. If you want to maximize efficiency, make sure to regularly monitor your tire pressure. 
  2. Filthy Air Filter - If your air filter is dirty and clogged, the engine will have to overwork to get a sufficient amount of fuel. In other words, your vehicle needs a proportional amount of air to fuel to run efficiently.
  3. Faulty Oxygen Sensors - Oxygen sensors are responsible for managing the air intake and emissions output. If it stops working, it can lower your vehicle’s MPG.
  4. Failing Spark Plugs - Your spark plugs provide the necessary spark to burn the air and fuel mixture in the engine. If they are misfiring, your fuel economy can be significantly impacted. 
  5. Poor Running Fuel System - Anything negative relating to the fuel system, including dirty fuel injectors and an old fuel filter, can change the flow of fuel running throughout your car.
  6. Worn Piston Rings - When your car’s piston rings stop working effectively, your engine loses a significant amount of pressure. Therefore, your fuel economy drops.
  7. Motor Oil - Regular oil changes are a significant part of maintenance, and they can make your engine run more efficiently and its parts last longer.
  8. Sticky Brakes - Bad brakes are dangerous, but they can also cause your MPG to plummet. Poor performing brakes increase resistance to your vehicle’s forward motion, which can cause your vehicle to consume more fuel.

If you need your car, SUV, or truck tuned for optimal performance and efficiency, please feel free to call or visit the team at Gil’s Garage.

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