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Monthly Archives: February 2022

How Often Should I Change My Car's Motor Oil?

How Often Should I Change My Car's Motor Oil?

When figuring out how often you should get your oil changes, you can always look in your owner's manual. This book is considered the most trusted resource for what your car precisely needs. However, in brief, you can approximate your oil change intervals by the age of your vehicle and the type of engine it has.  Oil Changes for Older Vehicles Typically, automobiles built more than a decade ago with simple engine designs use conventional motor oil. This traditional oil needs to be swapped out around every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Some manufacturers might allow a couple thousand more miles, recommending a 5 month or 5,000-mile interval. What May Necessitate More Frequent Oil Changes? You may require an oil change more frequently if your driving conditions fall under the following: Frequent short trips <5 miles Extreme temperatures or dusty environments Often operating in stop-and-go traffic Towing or hauling heavy loads Oil Changes for Newer Vehicles Many modern vehi ... read more

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