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Monthly Archives: June 2022

How to Spot a Head Gasket Leak

How to Spot a Head Gasket Leak

A head gasket is an indispensable seal in your engine. If the gasket leaks, your engine could quickly overheat and cause extensive engine damage. A head gasket leak is a serious issue that requires immediate care. Read on to learn about what a head gasket leak is and what can cause it.   To fully understand the nature of the leak, you will need to know what the head gasket does. It essentially divides the engine so that engine oil and coolant can flow separately. The head gasket seals the combustion chamber and blocks any air from contaminating the cooling system. It also keeps water out of the gas tank. Typically, engine overheating and a blown or leaky head gasket go hand in hand. What Are the Signs of Head Gasket Leak? Coolant bubbling from the radiator Engine overheating Softer gas pedal Black exhaust smoke Rough idling Loss in engine performance Headlights flickering on and off  Puddles of coolant leak under the car If you suspect you need head gasket repair ... read more

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