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Common Vehicle Sounds That Indicate Trouble

The sound from a vehicle can help you determine the problem. If your car has a clicking sound, that's a sign of an engine knocking. If you hear grinding or squealing sounds, it could be related to drivetrain components. Different vehicle sounds can indicate trouble. They include engine noise, squealing brakes, a thumping sound, a clanking sound, and others.

Some of the common vehicle sounds that indicate trouble include:

Engine Noise

The sound that comes from the engine can range from a constant hum to a roar. It could be a leak or something more serious like a blown head gasket.

Squealing Brakes

A high-pitched squealing sound could be due to worn brake pads. Brake pads typically wear out over time, causing some friction on the rotors, which can cause noise and heat build-up. However, it could also be uneven tire wear, inefficient brake lining, or even a clogged oil.

Thumping Noise

The causes for thumping noise include, improper tire pressure, worn-out shock absorber, inadequate suspension work, other suspension components, or poorly maintained engine mounts.

Clanking Sound

A clanking sound of a car can be annoying. The cause of clanking sounds are metal parts rubbing against each other. When you hear a clanking sound, a broken piece of metal or a jammed wheel could also cause it.

Engine Misfire

This sound could be a problem with fuel, spark plugs, or the timing belt. You should also check your oil level and change it if necessary. You should change your oil every 3,000 miles and check for other engine problems.

Clunking Sound

This sound indicates that something in your car is broken or moving unexpectedly. A loose wheel, brake pad, or suspension component could cause it.

Grinding Noise

Your car's transmission is an important system that keeps the vehicle moving. As soon as you start hearing a grinding sound, it may mean your transmission is going out, and you need to get this problem fixed right away to avoid terrible consequences.

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