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How to Handle the Challenges of Night Driving

Driving at night is a dangerous activity, no matter your age or how well you think your vision may be. Fatal accidents have been found to occur more often at night when compared to the day. The reasoning behind the statistic is that drivers have less visibility at night, limiting their reaction time. Although your car lights are essential during the evening, they can bring about glares and put you at risk of an accident. 


Below are several of our essential tips for night driving:

Have Your Eyes Checked Regularly

We hate to be the ones to nag you about your health, but annual eye checkups are necessary to ensure you're driving safely. Furthermore, your glare and vision tend to weaken as you age. Therefore, you may need glasses or contacts to see better for the night.

Test Your Vehicle Lights

Make checking your car lights a part of your driving routine; it's vital to examine your lights due to the sun setting sooner this time of year and an increased likelihood of precipitation. Please assess the following lights: low beams, high beams, brake lights, and daytime lights. 

Be On the Lookout for Wildlife

Certain wild animals love to roam about at night. Please drive slowly in areas with wildlife so that you can stop or slow down in time. You should never swerve to avoid hitting an animal.

Keep Your Windshield Clean

Marks and imperfections on a dirty windscreen can worsen the glare and decrease your visibility. To ensure you can adequately see at night, try your best to keep your windscreen clean. Don't forget to top off your wiper fluid and change your wiper blades on time.


In conclusion, poor visibility is a leading cause of vehicle collisions during this time of year. Therefore, drivers like you need to remember these tips and practice safe driving. If you need help checking your lights or replacing your windshield wipers, look no further than Gil's Garage for assistance.

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