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How To Keep Your Plug-In Hybrid In Top Shape All Year Long

How To Keep Your Plug-In Hybrid In Top Shape All Year Long | Gil's Garage Inc

The electric motor drives your wheels without any problem, and you silently glide out of your driveway. Your plug-in hybrid isn't just a car; it's a statement about your commitment to a sustainable future. But, to keep it running like a dream, you need a year-round strategy because of its interesting mechanisms.

Spring Maintenance

As the first buds of spring appear, it's time to rejuvenate your plug-in hybrid. Begin by checking the tires' air pressure. Proper inflation reduces rolling resistance, ensuring maximum efficiency. Next, give your car a good wash and wax. The better your vehicle's exterior protection, the less you'll have to worry about paint damage, especially in those spring showers.

Don't forget about the battery. Spring is the perfect time to check and, if needed, replace the 12-volt auxiliary battery. It's the heart of your hybrid's electrical system.

Summer - Efficiency in the Heat

The summer sun can be harsh, but it doesn't mean your plug-in hybrid can't shine. Start by ensuring your air conditioning system is in peak condition. A well-maintained AC system will cool your car more efficiently, saving energy.

When you park your car, especially in direct sunlight, use window shades to keep the interior cooler. This reduces the strain on your AC. Plus, it preserves the dashboard and interior from sun damage.

Autumn - Prep for the Colder Days

Autumn brings colorful leaves and cooler temperatures. It's also the perfect time to prepare for winter. Check your antifreeze levels to ensure your engine doesn't freeze during the winter months.

Moreover, inspect your hybrid's heating system. A working heater is essential for comfort during the colder months. Ensuring it's in good shape now can save you from shivering in the coming winter.

Winter - Protect Against the Cold

Winter can be a challenging season for any vehicle, but plug-in hybrids have their own set of considerations. During these chilly months, try to keep your battery charged regularly. Cold weather can affect battery performance, so it's essential to keep it warm and charged.

Invest in winter tires! They provide better traction on snow and ice, ensuring your safety during winter drives. Remember to keep your windshield washer fluid topped up with a winter formula to prevent freezing.

All Year Long Maintenance

The secret to maintaining your plug-in hybrid's peak performance throughout the year isn't just about seasonal check-ups. It's about cultivating good driving habits. Here are some tips:

Smooth Acceleration
Sudden starts and stops are the enemy of fuel efficiency. Practice smooth acceleration to maximize your electric drive.

Regenerative Braking
Make use of regenerative braking whenever possible. It converts kinetic energy into electric energy, which can be used to recharge the battery.

Cruise Control
Use cruise control on highways. It helps maintain a consistent speed and can boost fuel efficiency.

Limit Excessive Speed
High speeds can decrease your mileage significantly. Stick to speed limits and improve your vehicle's efficiency.

Regular Maintenance
Schedule regular maintenance check-ups to catch any issues before they become significant problems.

Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Services

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