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How to Tell If Your Spark Plugs Are Bad

Spark plugs are small metal components that are crucial to your engine operation. They're the pieces that ignite the air and fuel mixture when you start your car, and they're also responsible for running your car engine. Undoubtedly, you’ll notice some troubling signs when the spark plugs have worn down. 

Car Starting Problems

If your vehicle is experiencing difficulties starting, you may have faulty spark plugs. As a result, you may experience misfiring or a lit check engine light.

Bad Fuel Economy

If your vehicle's fuel economy is lower than normal, it can be because of an aging spark plug. A faulty spark plug will make the car work harder and use up more fuel.

Difficulty Accelerating

Even if you get your car to start, it may fail when you accelerate due to a bad spark plug. This can be dangerous, especially if you have to frequently merge on and off the highway. 

Engine Overheating

If your vehicle’s engine overheats, it could be due to failing spark plugs. Overheating can happen for a number of reasons that can cause your engine to be too hot. This can harm your engine parts and lead to expensive repairs down the line. Overheating is the last resort, and you should avoid letting it get to this point.

Spark Plug Replacement and Tune Ups in Burnt Hills, NY

If you have bad spark plugs in Burnt Hills, NY, we welcome you to Gil’s Garage Inc. for a check-up. It is crucial that you identify the issue quickly so that your car doesn’t suffer from bad mileage and engine problems. Please give us a call or schedule an appointment online with our team today.

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