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Should You Replace or Repair a Flat Tire?

A flat tire can be noticeable as soon as it is struck with something, or it can be so minor that you don’t catch it for weeks. And the worst time to get a flat tire is if you just replaced them. Unfortunately, no matter how long ago your last tire replacement was, they can be impaled by pesky nails, glass, or other road debris. In what instances would you be able to patch the tire up or replace the tire altogether?


While this may seem like common sense, the solution depends on how damaged the tire is and nature of how it was damaged. When you bring your car to our shop with the flat, we will thoroughly inspect the affected areas and determine how large the puncture actually is. We may be able to patch it up depending on the location of the impact and how soon you got your vehicle to our shop. 


Of course, repairing the damaged tire is a more cost-effective option than replacing the tire. But you should always consider safety first. We might ask you how long you’ve driven on the damaged tire (if you remember at all). Driving for an extended period on an underinflated or flat tire can do more harm than good. It can affect the integrity of the tire’s sidewall. 


In the industry, punctures that measure up to one-fourth of a diameter can be safely repaired. Anything more than ¼” in diameter calls for a new tire. Additionally, if the hit was on the sidewall or shoulder, the tire cannot be repaired adequately. 


When you have a flat tire, we highly advise you to bring your car to a professional mechanic immediately. Tire repairs are best to be left to certified automotive repair specialists. Otherwise, you can severely worsen the tire damage and cause unsafe conditions.


The team at Gil’s Garage can give your tires a comprehensive inspection to determine if we can restore your tires to like-new condition. A flat tire can be a major inconvenience, but they are unavoidable in some cases. And they are not worth risking your life for.


For all your tire-related services, repairs and replacements, please do not hesitate to call or visit Gil’s Garage today.

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