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What Are the Most Common Exhaust System Problems?

Your exhaust system's structural integrity will determine your car's overall health and performance. The system's many components only work correctly when they all cooperate effectively. A system fails if even one component isn't up to standard with the others. Some of the signs that your exhaust needs to be checked include;


Rust is the one of the worst opponent that pose as great a threat to the exhaust system. Your systems might be more prone to rust if you take shorter journeys as compared to longer ones. Frequent short journeys cause water vapor to build up in the exhaust pipe, but they never reach a temperature where it can be burned off. This dampness will eventually rust, corroding your exhaust system from inside. In addition, if left untreated, the salt from the country's cold regions can cause corrosion.

Loose parts

Parts of the exhaust system frequently become loose over time owing to corrosion, wear & tear, or unexpected hits from dips or bumps along the way. Fortunately, a loose component can typically be fixed quickly and inexpensively. It may be more difficult to locate and replace the loose part if it's inside, and replacing could be the only solution. When driving, rattling noises are an indication that something might be loose and out of its place. Similar to that, this can also indicate that your exhaust pipes have moved out of alignment.

Oxygen sensor issue

A malfunctioning sensor might start a series of terrible events. It may confuse other sensors and provide false information to your car's internal computer system. As a consequence, the computer won't accurately adjust the air-fuel ratio, which will lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency and an increase in emissions. A big contributing factor to incomplete combustion, which produces carbon particles that can harm particulate filters and block your exhaust system, is also a shortage of oxygen in the exhaust stream.


Fix your exhaust system immediately to save yourself the cost of extra damages. If you need exhaust system repair, stop by Gil's Garage today for a quotation and quick fix.

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